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Information About This Website And Me

Hello, welcome to my website about skating!
My name is Daniel and I began aggressive inline skating at 26 years old in November 2015. I found my passion has grown so much for the sport I wanted to share it with others!

To keep motivated in aggressive inline skating, I've developed this website. With this website and my videos, I would like to share my know-how to help you and all of the others to become better skaters. If improving your skating skills isn’t your thing, I would also like to help you to get and keep fit. With the aid of all my information about inline skating and aggressive inline skating, my videos, my tutorials and my workouts, I'm sure you will find what you're looking for.

In this section, you will find information about this website and myself.

In this section, you can stay informed about my website, new content and more.
(The English version of this section is currently under construction.)

In this section, you will find my guides, tutorials, workouts and more.
(The English version of this section is currently under construction.)

In this section, I will get you all the information you need to be know about aggressive inline skating and related topics. You will also find information about skating-shops and equipment.
(The English version of this section is currently under construction.)

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Important Notice:
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Moreover, it's very important to allow "Java-Script", for this website. Without "Java-Script", the website will not function correctly.

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The project

My project and website include this website and the following points:

These short points should summarize the entire project. At 26 years old, I recently started aggressive skating (on November 2015). This may limit my pro-skater chance, but I can still become a very good skater while having a lot of fun; And not just me, also you. This project is about having fun, improving skating skills and fitness. It should also help me to motivate myself. This allows me to improve my fitness, maintain it, learn advanced tricks, increase my balance and my skating skills

When I learn new tricks, I will share them on my website, my youtube-channel and others. In addition, I will edit new tutorials and guides to help you to become a better skater. I will show you, how to practice all of the tricks I've learned. Furthermore, I would like to show you how much fun you can have with inline skates and aggressive inline skates.

You want to participate in this project or just want to skate yourself and having a lot of fun? So, just follow the four points down below.

Just an incidental note. Skating is not only to improve your balance and fitness! It also shapes, firms and smooths the body, especially your butt and legs.
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Daniel L.:
I'm born in 1989 and I'm a hobby freestyle aggressive inline skater.

At 26 years of age, I've started aggressive inline skating.
With the assistance of my website, I want to help you to improve your skating skills and fitness.